Firmware 2v41

BUGFIX: Maths applied to stream would only set when a stream timed out; now, the maths is set at start-up.
BUGFIX: The app_info region was not set correctly meaning app version was lost from the last couple of versions.
BUGFIX: If a periodic job is in Hz mode and has been running for more than ~69seconds and a periodic task misses its slot (which only occurs if the CPU is overloaded) then there is a 1:2^10 chance of subsequent jobs failing.
NEW: Feature IO GTE and LE comparisons added as output type.
NEW: Device Finder feature added, allows a Pilot device to be used as a proxy to search for nearby BLE/ANT devices and report on their serial numbers.
NEW: Debug protocol is now bidirectional, allowing for user commands.
IMPROVED: The ASCII CAN probe protocol now outputs a default/keepalive message every 2 seconds if nothing else is txed.
IMPROVED: Coglink improvement to the way offline devices are polled; now if one is found it quickly looks for all the offline devices too.

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