Bike PowerBike Power and Bike Crank Torque Frequency can both be received by the yellowcog Pilot devices. They are more complex than device types such as speed and cadence and can produce quite a lot of information (normally at 4 or 8Hz). The maximum number of output streams of data that a specific power device can provide (it depends on the sensor, not the Pilot) may include some or all of the following:

  • Power, 16 bits, Watts
  • Speed, 16 bits, meters/h
  • Distance, 32 bits, cm
  • Cadence, 8 bits, rpm
  • Average Power, 16 bits, Watts
  • Pedal Power, 8 bits, %
  • Accumulated Power, 16 bits, 0.01kW
  • Output Variation, 16 bits
  • Left Torque, 8 bits, %
  • Right Torque, 8 bits, %
  • Left Smoothness, 8 bits, %
  • Right Smoothness, 8 bits, %
  • Accumulated Torque, 16 bits, 1/32Nm

There are many Bike Power Products on the marker and our Bike Power Sensor help gives information on configuring them.