RGB LEDYellowcog has an off-the-shelf version of the Pilot-CAN board that has a single, very large, RGB LED mounted on one side. Providing feedback in active situations can be tricky in many circumstances since small displays, or worse, having to check on a smart phone, can be unreliable ways to alert users. The large, bright LED can be seen from 100 metres and react to any parameter or variable available to the Pilot system (e.g. received from the CAN bus or a wireless device). Some examples for the use of the LED are to show: the proximity of a user; the status of a data up-link; physiological stress warnings, remote data values; or warning lights for any available parameter. The LED can pulse or flash in reaction to any parameter so the options are endless. The boards have been used in everything from security access control to art installations.

Some yellowcog products can control external LEDs but we also have a Pilot with a RGB LED and help on RGB LED Module.