prop can

Also see: CAN Endianness

The CAN bus must be configured to match the requirements of the host CAN bus. The options are:

  • Data rate – fundamental to interoperability, the rate, in Hertz, that communications occurs at. All common data rates are supported.
  • Extended IDs – the CAN bus specification was altered to allow a larger range of addresses to be used. To use the extended mode this checkbox should be set. It is still common to use the original mode. The only way to discover the required mode is to check the mode of the host bus via its configuration software or specification documentation etc.
  • Operating Mode – this should be set to “normal”. Other modes include “Listen”, if for example no data is to be transmitted.
  • Rx Filter Base – Used to define the first message number in the range Pilot™ will receive (Rx) and process.
  • Rx Filter Mask – Combined with the Rx Filter Base to control processing.

The Calculate Filters button uses the currently configured receive streams to calculate the optimum receive filter. Having the wrong filter would result in missing one or all incoming packets.