Periodic Properties

For items that do not share properties with the more numerous serial, ANT or Bluetooth types, this gives the single option of:

  • Update @ - perform a calculation or some other task at
    • the rate in Hertz (e.g. 4Hz is four operations per second)
    • the period in milliSeconds between each operation (e.g. 250mSecs  is four operations per second)

Note some modules will carry out some of their operations faster than this underlying rate. For example, a module may perform idle tasks at the rate specified here but may still react within microseconds to certain events and store these for processing at the periodic rate.

N.B. It is tempting to up the period frequency to “get the most” out of the system. Caution should be used since the Pilot has finite resources and making this value too high may negatively impact other modules. Best results are achieved by setting this to the absolute minimum required to achieve the given task.