prop rgb

The RGB properties group allows a lot of different modes to be configured, from static colours to stream-dependent colours. The lowest 24bits (either in the stream value or entered manually (depending on operating mode) carries the colour required. 

  • Operating Mode - set to one of:
    • Stream Colour - the LED colour is directly set by the 32-bit stream value.
    • Solid Colour - the LED is fixed as Colour1.
    • Fade Colour - the LED fades between Colour1 and Colour2.
    • Stream Index - a stream value of zero shows as black/off, Stream=1 then LED=Colour1 ... Stream=3 then LED=Colour3.
    • Burner - reserved.
  • Fade Time - when fading this is the time to go from one colour to the other (not "there and back").
  • LED Bank - to use the first three feature pins, set this to '1'. For the Pilot RGB, set this to '3' for the on-board LED.
  • Luminosity - this percentage is applied after the LED colour is calculated. i.e. it will dim the calculated colour.
  • Color n - these are only used for operating modes that use indexed colours (rather than colours explicitly carried as the stream value)
    • Off Time - see strobes.
    • On Time - see strobes.
    • Hex Colour - this allows entering of a RGB hex value for the colour part of the value.
    • Swatch - shows the colour of the entered hex (click on the colour swatch to select a colour using the colour picker)

Colour Strobe Values

The upper 8bits of the 32bit value is used to specify the "strobe". The strobe allows the colour to flash at a selection of rates. The strobe value only alters the LED when it is non-zero.

Off times are represented by a 4bit value (and are stored in the top 4bits - 0xF0000000 - of the 32bit value). The bit values represent:

  • 0 - Always off
  • 1 - 100ms.
  • 2 - 250ms.
  • 3 - 1s.
  • 4 - 5s.
  • 5 - 10s.
  • 6 - 30 seconds.
  • 7 - reserved.

On times are represented by a 4bit value (stored in the 0x0F000000 position). The bit values represent:

  • 0 - 10ms
  • 1 - 100ms
  • 2 - 200ms
  • 3 - 400ms
  • 4 - 1s
  • 5, 6, 7 - reserved.