Serial/Bluetooth Download Window

In the main editor go to “Transfer Settings -> to Device over Serial/Bluetooth”. Set the COM Port to the corresponding Pilot™ Bluetooth serial port number as identified in the section Identifying Bluetooth Serial Ports.

Click “Transfer Settings to Pilot” and the software will proceed to establish a connection with the Pilot™, reboot the Pilot™ into its reprogramming mode, download the settings, validate the update and then wait for the command to restart the device with the new settings. Restarting the device can be done through the software or by repowering the Pilot™.

Due to the way Bluetooth and Windows interact there are sometimes delays and timeouts. The configuration software may wait for some time as it attempts to establish a connection. Some time-outs are actually expected. As the Pilot™ switches modes it must be reconnected to. If the COM Port was chosen correctly and the Pilot™ is powered and within range, the settings will download and a screen similar to the following will appear.

NOTE: Experience shows the best way to operate using Windows’s Bluetooth is to open the download window, power cycle the Pilot and click download as soon as the Pilot’s CPU light start blinking rapidly. This means the Pilot is first connected in the start-up phase and makes wireless connections from Windows more reliable.

Note that during reprogramming, and while the Pilot™ waits for a restart, the green CPU light will be flashing rapidly. This confirms it is in reprogramming mode.