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Bluetooth/ANT/BLE/CAN/RS-232 Interface

Pilot-MUX was our flagship interface monitoring system. It has been used in yacht racing, open and closed wheel racing, live TV events and many scientific situations. The system has now been superseded by the more economical Pilot-CAN and custom PCBs and interfaces. NOTE: we are unable to produce any more Pilot-MUX units due to key components now being unavailable.

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The following specifications are representative but approximate since they vary between the specific model variants, connectivity and output rate. Dimensions do not include cable or connector and specifications are approximate and subject to change.

Pilot MUX V2.2.450

Dimensions 52 x 36 x 17mm (2” x 1½” x ¾”)
Weight 30 grams (1 ounce)
Required Power 5V to 24V
Consumption 1 Watt, peak
Bluetooth Class 1 (high power, long range)
ANT 2.4GHz wireless sensor support
BLE BLE is an optional extra
RS-232 Output EIA/TIA-232E, up to 115kbaud
CAN Output 2.0B, ISO 11898, up to 1MHz
Pilot Connector Autosport ASL006-05PN-HE
Customer Cable Autosport ASL606-05SN-HE