Simple analogue outputs can be achieved with PWM and a first order filter. A single analogue input of up to 12-bit resolution (or 14-bit resolution with oversampling) is part of the standard Pilot-CAN hardware but is not normally wired to the external connector. We have also produced a daughterboard for the Pilot-MUX and Pilot-CAN that can sample at 16-bit resolution with an instrument amplifier front-end. The best yellowcog product (off-the-shelf or custom) depends on the performance required and whether there is a requirement for analogue input(s), output(s) or both.

See Analogue Products or for help: Analogue Input Module (ADC) and Analogue Output Module (DAC).

The standard Pilot hardware has a limited (on-board CPU) analogue to digital converter. It has been put to good use in the field for measuring potentiometers and the like, but is not intended to measure high frequency signals with accuracy. Note: you need custom hardware, or at least cabling, to use this feature.

If you need any help in choosing a yellowcog product or advice on how to build your next project then just email us.

prop adc

The standard (only) pin for analogue input is the Feature Pin C. This is available on the PCB but not the exterior cable.

adc eq

Different bit counts will result in different ranges of stream data:

 Bits  2^bits - 1
 8  255
10 1023
 12  4095
 16  65535

If you "raw" bit conversion values are not suitable then use the maths button to scale the value.