The yellowcog logo is now a registered trademark. It's a bold and distinctive logo so we weren't worried that it would be opposed by anyone but it was still exciting to receive an email from the Intellectual Property Office saying that the opposition period had ended and that the mark is now registered (UK00003018234). We haven't decided if or where the littleĀ Ā® is going to go yet (are we the generic-top-right-spot sorts?). The process was all very easy and two things stood out: firstly is that the IPO site is yet another government site ( that works really well (another example would be the HMRC site); second is that by registering a trademark you get a lot of scam "invoices" through the post asking you to pay for further "registration". Amusingly, the IPO themselves were sent a scam invoice by one of these companies when they registered a mark for themselves.