Rallye-info.com published an article last week (http://www.rallye-info.com/article.asp?stid=11343) about yellowcog’s motorsport driver safety technology, named Pilot™, in the recent rally in Kenya. The article explains how the course medics were able to monitor drivers’ vital signs remotely.

eascr crashThe importance of having such physiological information was shown when Geoff Bell and Tim Challen rolled their Datsun 260Z in spectacular fashion! They both escaped serious injury but the changes in the physiological data in the moments after the accident were dramatic, as can be seen from this Google Earth map. The map shows a combined ‘exertion index’ where the height and colour of the ribbon shows how extreme the vital signs were. This sort of information can be used to tailor the response of the medics, for example by prioritising the person most in need.