LeMans2013.90Pilot™ is yellowcog's new driver vital signs (biometric) system for motorsport. First proven in the most demanding circuit racing event on the calendar: the 24 Hours of Le Mans at Circuit De La Sarthe. Greaves Motorsport's Car #42 was fitted with a Pilot™ device. Each of the three drivers wore a wireless cheststrap under his overalls and were monitored while in the car over the full duration of the 2013 race. Driver change-overs were automatically handled by the system with driver biometrics relayed live via the car’s telemetry to track-side displays as part of the Nismo Juke Ride set-up.2013lemans24 dl 5395.cjohnbrooks

The Pilot™ combines a Bluetooth radio with processing and data conversion hardware. Yellowcog’s own software libraries and data analysis routines package the information and deliver this to the car via RS-232, CAN or analogue.