ANT Wireless Devices

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Every device bearing the ANT+ logo has been tested and certified to conform to a very tight set of requirements. This ensures that if you are chosing an ANT+ you know that it will transfer data in a specific format and will "just work". There are many devices on the market and they are grouped according to the ANT+ type. Garmin (who own the ANT+ rights) provide a complete list of all devices and to what ANT+ standard they conform. If you choose something off the list then you can be sure it will be compatible with other ANT+ devices.

Chosing your ANT device is a matter of cost and the functions you require. Most ANT standards specfic the minimum features that must be present but more advanced devices may provide a bit more data. It is normally cheaper and better for you to choose your device and source it locally; we are happy to advise on choices but do not sell the units direct.

You can choose to output any of the available data over the built-in CAN bus connection or combine the Pilot-CAN with other yellowcog or third-party products to output in other formats. The Pilot range of devices are fully configurable over-the-air from a Windows PC running the free yellowcog Embedded Setup software.

You can easilty select a suitable ANT+ sensor by visiting the ANT+ directory.