Speed & Cadence

Speed and Cadence sensors connect using ANT wireless communications that are standard in the Pilot range. Speed and/or cadence sensors are normally designed to be mounted on a bicycle; the sensor magnet on the wheel spokes and a sensor on the bicycle frame. By counting the pulses from the passing magnet, the speed the bicycle is traveling can be calculated (the only piece of extra information is the wheel circumference). Other uses include the hand-crank pedestals on racing yachts and any other similar hardware setups.

IMPORTANT: ANT+ certify three different types of Speed & Cadence sensors: Speed; Cadence; and Speed & Cadence. They are not the same ANT+ type but all three are individually supported by yellowcog's Pilot range.

There are large numbers of Speed and Cadence Products on the market but our Speed and Cadence Sensor help should assist with most of them.

You can easilty select a suitable ANT+ sensor by visiting the ANT+ directory.

You can choose to output any/all of the available data collected by the sensor via the Pilot by your chosen method. Commonly this would be serial, CAN bus or wireless.

If you need any help in choosing a yellowcog product or advice on how to build your next project then just email us.

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Speed & Cadence