stand view a.smThe PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis was a very enjoyable three days. Since we have just become members of the Motorsport industry Association we took the opportunity of joining them on their booth, which we were able to adorn with our own logo and marketing materials. It was a nice feeling walking up to the stand for the first time. We’ve seen our logo on-line, on t-shirts, in cars, on cars and now, for the first time, on a booth. It’s also a great way of getting seen – and getting seen alongside likeminded UK companies. What other stand at the show could play host to a sit down session with none other than F1’s Charlie Whiting (“Honesty!”).meet the expert

stand view best of british.smIt’s the first time we’ve been back to the US since our visit in May and it was good to meet with new and existing contacts face-to-face. Motorsport is quite unusual in that any member of a team or company might be the person that understands and sees the need for your products; it’s not always the boss that knows what’s needed.